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The HOTC Missions Team is responsible for maintaining a commitment to local and foreign missions.  They oversee the missions budget, choose missional opportunities, and keep the church excited about what God is doing around the world!

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Missionaries to Hawaii:
Mark & Mhia Krogstad

Update: August 2017

Aloha Heart of the Canyons,

 These past 4 months have been challenging, full of miracles, and some exciting things have happened and by the grace of God we have been sustained and encouraged through it all. We are thankful for you all and your love and also thankful that we can include you by edifying you with these updates as the fruit of your labor.

May: I (Mark) was officially placed on the Board of Directors  of Shelter of Wisdom, as of May with Carolina’s Son Sai (he has also joined our ministry).

  • Mhia had a summer bible study that they started, we had the privilege of hosting many of the meetings as the place for fellowship. It has been wonderful and powerful friendships that are built on Christ has come out of this fellowship for Mhia. PS they had me guest speak at one of their meetings. I was humbled.

With Shelter of Wisdom in May I was starting to gain more responsibilities. For example, I would facilitate the intake plan for the men entering the shelter. That involves getting all their information and basically getting those all settled in. Great way to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Also things they need to be protected from.


June: -We made the Official Shelter of Wisdom Gym!! Which was provided by some of my best friends back home willing enough to donate a squat rack with a pull-up bar. It is in the works but it has served its purpose so far. Every time I try to exercise with one of the men here I do a small devotional about what's on what the Lord leads to say. We pray and them we workout.

  • Every Friday we have a prayer meeting. This particular time, the Lord had me focusing on the title for God in the Old Testament “The Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”. So as we were praying for one of our men in the shelter. He was manifesting a demon. As we were telling the demon to leave, I used that title for God. Right when I said that the demon looked at me, snarled an evil snarl punched the ground and then went away! We just cast out a demon from a man, that day. It was pretty awesome and exhilarating. It was great to see that man, a little but stronger every day after that.


July: - I had the privilege of leading the morning chapel for 2 weeks straight in July while Sai was on vacation due to him teaching more frequently. We went through Ch 9 and 10 of the book of Mark.

  • We also had many guys come in and out of the shelter. Most of out exits were not good ones though. Many shady things happened. But we know the Lord will deal perfectly with all our situations.

August: - This month had a powerful and needed change. Sai, he is also doing the ministry with us and has been a great asset to us. He has the gift of teaching and administration. He has pulled Carolina, Sai, and I all together and we have made many positive changes to our program. It was been very beneficial to have Sai because he has a certain drive to him that is Christ centered and doesn’t mess around. He has great passion. Through him we have done some small reformatting and God has been moving. One in particular is our communication in our weekly prayer/Staff meetings. His administrative skills has gotten us all on the same page and something as simple as that have changed everything. Thankful for Sai and his heart.

  • This August we had over 10 guys bail out or leave. So we had been scrambling around to find people to fill the beds that were open. Every day we have an open bed, it costs SOW money. Which is a good and bad situation, open beds, but tight spot financially. But he has brought in amazing God fearing people since our sudden dropouts, since august they have done well.
    August has been a very special time for me. Thursday night bible study has been officially changed from “Mark’s Bible Study” to “House Church”. Powerful. Powerful Stuff. It just sounds better. My name is gone and we simply have house church. It has been very beneficial to our men and they all get to share a word, story, and pray. The Lord has opened my eyes to the way the Early Church lived and we are applying it to the House Church on Thursday nights. I love it. And desire to empower the men to walk out their giftings in the Lord.



Israel Missions Trip 2017

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If you are approved for the trip and back-out or cannot go for any reason after the application deadline, you will still be responsible for your financial commitment to the trip. Do you accept those conditions?*
Once your application is processed, you will be notified by the Missions Board. Your spot on the team cannot be guaranteed until you pay your portion of the cost. If you are unable to pay, you might not be able to participate in this missions trip.

Local Mission Organizations that We Support

Help the Children
Food Donations, Money Donations, and Volunteers Needed!
Contact: Nita Thomas, 661-702-8852

Brandon Chandler Foundation

Triumph Foundation
Contact: Andrew Skinner, 661-803-3700;

SCV Pregnancy Center
There are many different volunteer opportunities available (development team, housekeeping, reception, clerical support, case management, as well as licensed RN, LVN, or CNA volunteers are needed).  All training is provided!
Contact: The Church Office, 661-255-7246

Jake's Way Community Outreach
We are always looking for volunteers to hang out with kids on Wednesday Nights from 5pm-6:30pm.
Contact:  The Church Office, 661-255-7246

(Mark and Mhia Update Continued...)

-Lastly Mhia has officially transferred to a new Starbucks!!! It was an answer to prayer and her new manager actually does her job. So it has been such a relief for Mhia. Due to Mhia was picking up a lot of slack from her previous manager, which was actually beneficial to Mhia learning a lot about managing Starbucks. Plus she had been seen by upper management and the favor of the Lord seems to be falling upon Mhia as she continues on in her ASM training.


PS. If you didn’t know already, Mhia is Pregnant!


 We had 23 men transition into Permanent Housing. The Public Housing Authority for elderly and disabled housed 6 of our men, Section 8 housed 4 men, some mental health groups housed 3 men, assisted living house 3 men permanently, 5 men moved back into the community paying their own rent, 1 male on a Permanent Supporting Housing program, and lastly 2 flew back to the mainland.

 Please continue to pray for us in the following areas.
-All men come to the knowledge of God – 1 Tim 2:4
-That the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be boldly preached – Eph 6:19}
-Disciples would be made – Matt 28:18-20
-Freedom and Sobriety for our men – Rom6:11-14
-God’s plan for each man will be shown and needs met. Heb 12:1-2
-Mhia and I to continue on for our love for each other and communication will grow.
-Our Baby will grow healthy and strong in the Lord!
-Carolina and her perseverance. Sai and his growth. My courage and love to increase.
-Lastly pray for Ken, Chris, Peter, Robert, Robert M, Chance, Danny, Brandon, Rory, Michael, Jacob, Reggie, Beck, and Noel. That these men specifically will continue on in their growing faith. That these men will continue on picking up their cross daily and grow in grace. These men are gaining the life of the Lord through faith. Pray for protection for them form the enemy, the world, and their own flesh.

 Previous Prayer Requests have been almost all fulfilled!! Great Job

 (2 Corinthians 13:14) "The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen."

 We love you with the Love of the Lord. God Bless.